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August 18, 2008


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Pedro Guevara-Mann

OMG! We ate at the same Crawfish place in Houston! The very best I've ever had.

Small world

Brandon Harvey

Can someone help me get this prayer request to Matt:

Matt your music has inspired me and with God's grace thrown me into youth ministry. I love it. I direct a program for multiple parishes (1/7 his financially giving) that has The Edge, Life Teen, and a city-wide Newman Club. Besides the priest, I am the only worker on this job. I am the administrative director for Edge but not Youth Minister. I am the Youth Minister for the Life Teen, Newman CLub and I do all the music.
I just got married on July 25th. I am now working about 60 hours a week. Besides the help that I get from the 1 parish (out of 7) where I have my office, I have to raise money for my salary and budget. I am like a missionary. I am also working on my MA through Franciscan's distance learning.
I have been praying and working to find the money to hire someone else to help. The Edge youth minister is volunteer. He would be great full-time and then I could spend more time at home with my wife.
I know this is a weird prayer request but will you please pray that we find some financially assistance in order to hire a second person. Please pray for this. We are actually running low on budget money and I am having to consider a part-time job so I can have more money to use for the programs. I need a break, a chance to be ministered to and a chance to no longer worry. Please pray that more donors come forward. Please pray for my wife. I am 22, in my third year of youth ministry.
Please pray for me. I will be praying for you as well. The new song is great. The band is learning it now. One day the money will come and we will book you for a "show" here at the Church. We are trying to find someone to loan us money to bring you out for a fundraiser someday. We cant do it now of course but someday we will meet. Thanks for your prayers. God bless your musical missionary work.

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