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August 03, 2008


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Hello there!

I was at the fest today. i also saw you and your band in sydney, australia. that was the first time that i saw you guys. and i was really impressed. i really enjoy your music. and it inspires me that you use your God given talents in this way. so yeah. thanks for playing at the fest. WYD was awesome. And it was exciting that i saw you there a few weeks ago and again tonight. haha. okay. i guess that is all i wanted to say. good luck with everything.


Hi there! We got to meet you and the band at the fest today. You were so surprised by how many people were in the room. WHy? We love you. Thanks for playing during mass, it was amazing with the choir, you and everybody singing along. You and the band were so nice. Thank you for good memories!


I get goosebumps just thinking about it! i was definitely the one in the crowd crying....how could I not? It was soooo amazing. By the way Canticle of Zechariah is easily my most favorite song in the world. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents! :)
god bless...and you know he does.


Sorry! I don't know speak english right!

Hello! My name is Éder! I'm from Brazil!

I'm a catholic young and I like of your song!

Very Good!


My e-mail adress is evgrcc@hotmail.com

GOD bless you!

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