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July 26, 2008


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I just got home from here.
It was an amazing experience

Br. David Michael

Mr Maher,
As a religious brother, I wanted to say that your music has a tremendous effect upon the young people of our day. Many of the friars, here, enjoy listening to your music, when it comes on the radio. Unfortunately, that isn't often enough. Please God that you may continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit in evangelizing the youth, indeed the world, with your powerful music.

In Domino!


I also just got home from steubenville west. I thought that it was absolutely amazing and the music was one of the best parts. Nice job!


Thank you for your great music at Steubie West. Your words lead others closer to Christ, which is your goal. It is obvious that you want others to listen to Him, as they hear you. This is why I admire you guys, but also because you're all so real and goofy. It was hilarious to watch you guys lose it as the parrots were being shown on the big screens during the theme song at the end!!
BTW - I am the woman who invited you to come swimming at St. Tim's. I could almost hear your brain going "stalker, stalker"!! We have something very deep in common, though...my dad used to cook while listening to Frank Sinatra, also. :-)
God bless you all, now and forever.

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