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July 21, 2008


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Genevieve White

The 4AM hour seems pretty common...I'm still having trouble sleeping.

Praying for you daily!

Brandon S Harvey

Greetings Matt Maher,

My name is Brandon S Harvey. I am a youth minister in Sioux City, Iowa. This next year will be our second year with a Youth Group at the parish. We went to a Steubenville Conference and that has helped things a lot. For most of our events and even fundraisers we play your music. It became more popular after the conference.
I am a volunteer Youth Minister who runs the religious education program. My team members are volunteers as well. We have absolutely $0.00 in our budget. When we went to Steubenville North, I paid for $1,500 of the trip. I work a night stock job at a grocery store (Hy-Vee) on Thur & Fri just to have money for Youth Group events. I am currently saving up for Life Teen.
I would like you to pray. Pray for us as a group (FOG- Followers of God), for my priest and for my fiancé. My fiancé doesn’t see me much because I work all during the week as a DRE, teach adult classes one Saturday a month, play the Bass every Saturday at a college chapel, play bass once a month at my parish and a local Methodist Church. Sunday (2-3 a month) evenings we have Youth Groups and service projects scattered throughout. And I work Night Stock and then sleep a lot. I miss her and ask that you pray for her. Her name is Jessica Duin. We have been together for 4 ½ years (since high school). She is a convert and we get married July 25th of 2009 in Gretna, Nebraska.
I would also ask that you pray. Pray about donating the time when you might be in the area to come play for my kids. Please don’t say no right away but pray about it. I could pay you over time in installments. I just have to pay-off some youth group curriculum books first and finish saving up for Life Teen. Please pray about it. If it’s not possible at all, let me know ASAP. I will take out a loan to get you here. That is how much I love these kids and want you here. I am not trying to pressure you but I am humbling begging you out of desperation.
Its not that my parish doesn’t care but we have no place for the money to come from so I don’t ask. Our Youth Group (FOG) has 10-30 kids who show up for our Sunday evening events.
Please pray about this.
Thank you for your time.

Christ’s peace be with you,

Brandon S Harvey
DRE & Youth Minister
apostolicfaith@cox.net (personal)

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